Luke Harper proved a lot of people wrong when he returned at WWE’s Clash Of Champions event. Now it looks like he’s right back in the thick of things.

Mike Johnson opened up about this surprise during PW Insider Elite audio. Apparently, WWE did pretty good keeping him hidden backstage.

“The Harper thing was a big shock to everybody backstage. There were people in the company that we talked to on a semi-regular basis who confided that Harper was not listed on the production sheet. He was not on the run sheet. He was not on the line-up. No one in the company seemed to know he was even there.”

“He just appeared mysteriously right before he got involved in the match. Maybe five minutes before the match he popped up and they were like ‘What, who, where, what, when, why, how, what?'”


Harper’s WWE return was a big deal to the storyline and it also handed Roman Reigns a loss at Clash Of Champions. We will have to see where things lead at this point, but it’s anyone’s guess.

Congratulations, WWE for keeping a big secret.

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H Jenkins

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