Aleister Black Clears The Air About Facebook Account Being Hacked

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Aleister Black is active on social media, but Facebook seems to be a platform that he is not on. This won’t keep people from trying to convince fans that he is.

There is a Facebook account out there trying to pose as Aleister Black. This might not bother Black much, but he had to speak about it this time.

The account that people are assuming belongs to the former NXT Champion recently posted a rather provocative picture. This is when a fan alerted Aleister Black to the situation.

“Aleister Black, think your Facebook was hacked,” this concerned fan said on Twitter while tagging Black. It didn’t take him long to reply and clear the air.

“I don’t have FB.”

Facebook is a wonderful social media website where you can interact with people and get a lot of great information. Aleister Black just doesn’t appear to be one of the people who are on the platform.

This should clear up any questions fans might have the next time they see an “Aleister Black” page share something strange on Facebook. The simple fact is that he doesn’t even have an account.

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