As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin in the WWE King of the Ring Final have been released.

When this tournament first began, there’s a very good chance that absolutely nobody would’ve predicted that this would be the final we would wind up with. Alas, while it may have seemed odd on paper, we’re pretty intrigued by how things have turned out.

Corbin is actually putting in some solid performances and is doing a lot of great heel work, whereas Gable has been able to get a great rub from the tournament regardless of whether or not he wins the crown at the end of it all.

Big bad Baron Corbin is indeed the favourite to be crowned King of the Ring next Monday night with odds of 4/9. Gable is, of course, therefore the underdog, currently being priced at 13/8.


The final of the King of the Ring tournament was initially set to take place during Clash of Champions this weekend, but it appears as if WWE has taken it upon themselves to shift it back to RAW. Given how stacked the card is on Sunday, that is probably the best move for both men.

People aren’t going to enjoy King Corbin’s reign on top of the mountain if they’ve already made up their mind about him as a character, but if you allow yourself to really enjoy his work from a neutral perspective, you’ll soon see that he’s probably the best choice.

Harry Kettle

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