Baron Corbin loves to draw heat, but his mother might not appreciate all of the hatred her son is getting from WWE fans.

During Not Sam Wrestling, Baron Corbin addressed the fact that his own mother reads the terrible things that people write about him online. He has to encourage her not to look at the comments section on Instagram as well because it doesn’t help anything.

He also seemed to debunk previous report from Mike Johnson that WWE canceled live events because Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch took a vacation together.

“My mom loves Dolph Ziggler so it’s ‘Why would you do that to Dolph?’ I tell her because my mom follows my Instagram or whatever, that’s a proud mother and she reads the comments and I’m like, ‘Mom stop reading the comments.’ Or she’ll see something and be like, ‘I saw this’ and I’m like ‘Mom, get off the internet. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They have no clue. Don’t listen to them.'”


“My mom will be like ‘They had to cancel live event because Becky and Seth are on vacation’ I’m like ‘Mom — stop reading the internet!’ It’s so funny because my mom gets caught up in it like, ‘Why would they say that about you?’ She can’t comprehend why people are so mean and it’s funny because I just want to be like when you get a twelve-year-old kid that says something horrible I wanna be like, ‘I’m sending this to your dad’ WHAT?! NO!!! My mom sees it, my wife just laughs.”

Mean tweets might be fun to read sometimes, but not for Baron Corbin’s mother. His wife seems to love it though as he said she will sit with him and help come up with more things that they can do to irritate the fans even more.

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