Chris Jericho’s experience in the pro wrestling world has already done wonders for AEW. His ability to call a moment and work a crowd is still incredibly sharp and he doesn’t plan on dulling his senses with a scripted promo anytime soon.

While speaking to Mature Audiences Mayhem, Chris Jericho opened up about how AEW’s non-scripted promos differ from WWE. In All Elite Wrestling, their stars will be cutting promos that they believe in. On the other hand, you can totally tell when someone is delivering a promo in WWE that they don’t believe in.

“I think people are excited because it’s something different. I know this – there’s no scripted promos”

“There are no writers because that is what wrestling is. That is where it came from! ‘Austin 3:16’ was written by Steve Austin, ‘Y2J’ was written by Chris Jericho, ‘Never Ever Againe’ was written by Chris Jericho. All that stuff came from my head because I am the one who has to deliver it.


“I watch WWE – and listen, I love WWE. I worked there for 19 years. But you can see when people are saying s–t that they don’t buy, and you have to say it because it’s what Vince McMahon wants. And if you don’t say what he wants, you are going to hear about it. And if you don’t do it the next time, you probably won’t get promos anymore.”

AEW will be presenting an honest alternative to WWE and it will show by how their stars interact on camera. We’ll have to see how a national audience reacts to this refreshed format.

If Jericho’s “Little Bit Of The Bubbly” is any indication of things AEW could have some real potential to go viral on a weekly basis.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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