WWE Superstar Donating Big To Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Hurricane Dorian might have missed Florida, but it hit the Bahamas in a big way. Now Kairi Sane is trying her best to help out.

A Superstar’s ring gear can mean a lot to them. This is why it’s such a big deal that Kairi Sane is auctioning off her ring gear, jacket, and hat. She’s worn them all over the place including a TakeOver special.

Sane announced that her plan is to donate all proceeds from the action purchase to help the people of the Bahamas in their Hurricane relief efforts.

I would like to do something to help assist with disaster relief for the hurricane that hit The Bahamas & the typhoon affecting Japan. I plan to auction off this set of ring gear, entrance jacket and hat. I plan to donate all the money collected in support.

The Bahamas really got hit hard and they do need a lot of help. This was an amazing gesture from Sane.

It might not bring in a price like $1,000,000 which is what Michael Jordan donated, but it is still an incredibly generous offer to auction off her ring gear like this.