Liv Morgan Reveals What Dating App She Uses

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Online dating can be really hard, that’s why there are certain apps that you need to be certified for before you’re allowed to use them.

Joey Janela tweeted out that he’s still waiting for his approval to join the exclusive dating app “Raya.” Until that day comes, he’ll keep patrolling Plenty Of Fish.

Truth is I signed to a major promotion to get social media verified, to get a Raya dating profile, to get a date with Demi Lovato…. Raya hasn’t approved me yet so I have to settle for toxic waste creatures from Keansburg, New Jersey on Plenty of Fish…

Apparently, Liv Morgan is a member of the “Raya” app’s exclusive community of singles, because she made a very generous offer to Janela. “I can give you a friend pass,” she said.

Let’s just see if that friend pass from Morgan will help The Bad Boy find love.

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