Bray Wyatt Reacts To Theories About The Undertaker

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Fans really want to see Bray Wyatt’s Fiend in situations with several legends. Dream matches are fun, but they don’t always have to come together.

The Firefly Fun House pointed a couple of obvious signs at The Undertaker last night. This is why fans are suddenly convinced that Taker vs The Fiend is happening eventually.

Bray Wyatt answered back to this fan theory and he didn’t discredit the numbers falling in line with Taker. He did say: “Maybe it has multiple meanings???”

This is very interesting, but we will know in enough time what is going on. If The Undertaker is destined to get attacked by The Fiend tonight in Madison Square Garden then there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

Bray Wyatt’s new character is taking off in some incredible ways. The initial buzz has leveled off and now it seems that he is still a top interest for fans and the company.

That is not a bad place to be in at all. therefore, we’ll just see where this one goes.

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