Brock Lesnar knows a thing or two about taking someone to Suplex City, but pro wrestling isn’t fake at all. The only thing that is fake in any way is that the finishes are predetermined.

In a recently re-surfaced interview, Brock Lesnar explained that pro wrestling really hurts and there’s nothing fake about it. He has wrestled while injured on many occasions and it can certainly happen.

The Beast Incarnate went on to explain that the finishes are predetermined, but every time someone steps in the ring they run a risk for injury.

“Yeah, there’s still human beings in there flying around risking their lives is what’s going on. I mean if you can’t see that then you’re very ignorant. I wrestled many matches injured, got injured. There’s a real risk in pro wrestling.”


“That ring is not just your mom California king-sized bed with some bailer twine going around it. I mean when you land, it’s a physical ring. I mean these guys go out and I was one of them. They’re slamming people and coming off the top rope and doing all these things and I got injured for it.”

“Even though the outcomes may be predetermined or you know, even though it is entertainment these guys who are going out an putting on the show that night are — they’re getting hurt — not every night, but it happens.”

Brock Lesnar spent a lot of time on the road with WWE before he took his first hiatus. He traveled around and worked for NJPW and the UFC before finally coming back to WWE. It appears this interview occurred during that time.

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