Big E has a lot of fun on television, but striving for excellence is a very hard job. It also includes a lot of instances of kicking yourself.

While speaking to Big E revealed that he is very hard on himself. He wants to be the best and keep pushing the envelope, however, no matter how many titles he pulls down it will never be good enough.

“There’s never a time where we’re coasting now. In our minds, we’re always trying. Even if it feels like there’s a bit of a lull, we’re always trying to keep pushing the envelope, trying to find ways to put a little spin on things. So it’s a mix of that, of always trying to convey something unique, something entertaining on a weekly basis.”

“I’m definitely very critical of myself as well, so there’s never a moment where I think I’m good enough. I’m always learning. And I watch stuff that I’ve done even two or three years ago and I kind of cringe because I feel like I’ve made leaps and I’m continuing. I hope in another year or two that I look back at the stuff that I’m doing now and I kind of cringe. I want to continue to make steps to get better and better.”


Big E really found a great place in The New Day. The future could hold any number of things for Big E from more tag team titles to a singles run. It’s important to know how seriously he takes all of his success, because Big E is always looking for the next accomplishment to prove that he’s good enough.

Felix Upton

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