The heel turn of Bayley hasn’t really been given any time to play out just yet, so all that fans have to work with is her initial turn and her actions on SmackDown Live.

Now, though, we’re gearing up for what should be a blockbuster edition of Monday Night RAW later on this evening – and you can bet that Bayley will feature fairly heavily as she teams up with Sasha Banks to face Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a Four Horsewomen tag team showdown.

Before the big bout, Bayley has taken the time to talk about loyalty following her realignment with best friend Sasha Banks.

Regardless of whether or not Bayley winds up succeeding in her mission to become a top star in her new heel role, one thing that is for sure is that she needed to freshen things up in one way or another.


This is the perfect way for her to do just that, and as we look ahead to the future, there’s every chance she puts on a really entertaining match with Charlotte at Clash of Champions.

The fact that all Four Horsewomen members are involved in these two storylines has certainly divided opinions amongst fans, many of whom want to see a few new stars rise up through the ranks.

Either way, though, tonight is going to be a fun one, and we’re fascinated to get a glimpse at what we can expect from this intriguing and fairly dramatic character shift from the Huggable One.

Harry Kettle

Sports writer covering pro wrestling, MMA & football. Forever dreaming of a world where Jeff Hardy wins the strap one more time.

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