Rob Van Dam is a legendary weed smoker, especially in the pro wrestling world. He has spoken to plenty of people about the benefits of marijuana including Chris Benoit.

While speaking to the Unsanctioned Podcast, Rob Van Dam discussed his advocacy for marijuana. This is nothing new and he recalled having a conversation with Chris Benoit about his work. This is a story we hadn’t heard before.

This was one of the last times RVD remembers talking to Chris Benoit and the subject of the Whole F’n Show’s weed research came up. Benoit wasn’t against it, but it didn’t seem like he was interested in doing any personal studies on the subject.

“I remember telling Chris Benoit in Mexico, one of the last times I talked to him, and I was surprised to hear that he was open to it. Not to him taking it necessarily, but him open to the research that I was recording and he was believing that it wasn’t that bad.”


“I don’t remember him expressing much interest in his own personal use, but it was something that everybody knew that RVD is a stoner or whatever, and I’m telling him something. I don’t know, I get on my soap box sometimes and I start preaching. Chris was into it and would just say like, ‘yeah I don’t think that’s so bad for you.’ I was just getting through to him in having a conversation and he didn’t disapprove of it.”

Chris Benoit’s story is a tragic one because of how it ended, but before that he was a well respected pro wrestler and possibly the best on the planet.

His friend Dean Malenko spoke about him at Starrcast III and said everything he needed to about Benoit’s legacy in pro wrestling. RVD revealing that Chris Benoit was at least open to the concept of marijuana’s benefits is also a very interesting note to include.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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