WWE has plans to hold another draft in October. This could see a lot of switching around on the main roster as most drafts have the possibility of changing a lot of things.

Dave Meltzer explained during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is scheduling their next draft very strategically. There are some plans to move people around, but there might not be a ton of changes made in the end.

“The idea is that the talent line-up they did in the last draft is kinda gonna be the talent line-up, there’s gonna be some changes and they may include some NXT people, but the changes are going to be made with yet another draft.”

The idea is to schedule the WWE draft during SmackDown’s second show on Fox. That would presumably keep fans coming back at least two weeks in a row, because WWE is assuming everyone will tune in to see the debut episode on Fox.


We’ll have to see what kind of changes WWE ends up making because they could do any number of things. Hopefully, it generates more interest and we see a booming period in pro wrestling interest like never before.

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H Jenkins

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