AEW is set to have a loaded roster with top stars from all over the industry and the world. It turns out that former Impact Wrestling star Eli Drake did almost sign with All Elite Wrestling, but they just couldn’t secure a deal.

While speaking to Fightful, Eli Drake confirmed that he almost signed with All Elite Wrestling a couple of times, but they just couldn’t work out a deal.

He also talked to ROH and of course, the NWA, but he never said anything about talking to WWE this time around. This was due to the fact that Drake says he already jerked them around enough.

“We had a deal worked out. And then we didn’t And then we did again. And then we didn’t. We just couldn’t come to terms with everything. Then, I spoke with Joey Mercury at Ring of Honor and that happened just before talking to [Dave] Lagana and Billy [Corgan] at NWA. At that point, I was just weighing my options and seeing what was what.”


“I had been contacted by friends of mine who are in WWE and they said, ‘You should let them know you’re available.’ I was like, ‘For the last three years, I’ve kinda jerked their chain. I’m gonna ease off of that for right now.’ Because for three years I was like, ‘I’d love to come over there.’ They were like, ‘Great, we’d love to have you.’ And I was like, ‘Ah, I’m gonna stay where I am.’ I don’t wanna keep being the boy who cried wolf. So I didn’t even bother reaching out to them.”

Perhaps Eli Drake will land in WWE or AEW eventually, but it obviously didn’t happen this time around. He has a lot to offer, but we’ll just have to see if timing and all other factors will eventually come together for Drake and one of the big two companies going right now.

Felix Upton

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