Stephanie McMahon On WWE Fans Needing To Be Patient

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WWE fans can sometimes be way too in tune with the product. This sometimes causes them to know what the company is going to do even before anything is announced.

While speaking to the Barstool Sports Podcast, Stephanie McMahon was asked about what the fans don’t know. Of course, there is a lot that they don’t know, but she answered it in the best way possible.

Sometimes fans can be very vocal about what they want, but as the Billion Dollar Princess continued to explain, sometimes they just need to be patient.

“They’re [the fans] being very vocal and they’re telling us exactly what they want and sometimes to your point earlier, it’s not what you want to do because you’re setting them up for something else. But sometimes it’s a setup for a payoff of something even bigger and they just have to be patient.”

WWE has plans and although they do often change, the general idea of being patient should also apply. Sometimes it’s better to wait and see what happens instead of getting so caught up in predicting what will go down.

Fans will continue to be very vocal about the product which is something that makes them fans, but possibly Stephanie McMahon has a good point that to get the bigger payoff it takes a greater amount of patience.

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