One of the big stories on wrestling Twitter in the aftermath of SmackDown Live was commentator Corey Graves supposedly ‘taking a shot’ at Chris Jericho.

The incident in question came when Drake Maverick was exiting the ring, and Corey Graves said that he was going to “grab his wife and take a limousine to a chain restaurant” – relating to the fact that Chris Jericho had his AEW World Championship belt stolen.

As amusing as the whole situation is, Graves still needed to clarify on social media that he wasn’t, in fact, taking a shot, and that he was instead just having a bit of fun with his friend.

There is certainly an argument to be made these days that wrestling fans take everything a little bit too seriously, and it feels as if we’re seeing that play out before our very eyes with fans taking shots at Corey themselves, with that criticism usually stemming from All Elite Wrestling fans.


These kinds of jabs feel perfectly harmless to us, especially when you consider the fact that the supposed ‘war’ between the two companies hasn’t even really kicked up into the next gear yet.

Jericho took a pretty light-hearted approach to the ordeal as we all probably imagined that he would, but in truth, we just hope that the belt is located in time for the debut of their weekly programming – or, you know, they just make quite a few spares by the time they get around to making some more.

Harry Kettle

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