Title Changes Hands On WWE SmackDown Live

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You never know what can happen in WWE and this week’s episode of SmackDown Live is no exception.

Click here for our compete results from tonight’s SmackDown Live.

During the show this week, Drake Maverick and his wife Renee were trying to get out of the building through the boiler room for some reason. Suddenly, they were attacked by one enemy after another.

Drake Maverick was able to get away from a couple lower level wrestlers, but Bo Dallas eventually rolled him up in a schoolboy pin that he did not kick out of. Bo Dallas was the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

Later on, the WWE 24/7 Title action spilled into the ring when Drake Maverick won the title back. Suddenly, R-Truth came out of hiding and won the title back to become a 14 time WWE 24/7 Champion.

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