Hard Times Could Be Coming For Rey Mysterio In WWE

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Rey Mysterio cut a promo during WWE RAW this week that seems to be leading to something interesting.

During his promo, Mysterio talked about how his son Dominick pushed him to follow through with his dreams of being a wrestler. Dominick apparently told Rey Mysterio how proud he was to grow up in the WWE Universe as well.

It looks like Dominick is supporting his father now, but that might not last long.

“Dominick has to turn on him, huh?” Dave Meltzer remarked on Wrestling Observer Radio. This does seem like a likely direction for that angle as Bryan Alvarez agreed.

Establishing Dominick as a heel is likely the best way to go as well. It stands to reason that he could have some heat from the fans. If anything, fans might not appreciate that Dominick was allowed to skip NXT and move straight to the main roster.

We’ll just see how things progress from this point on, but Rey Mysterio might be getting stabbed in the back soon enough.

WWE needs to use Rey Mysterio wisely because Cody Rhodes said that AEW would love to have him.

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