The King Of The Ring tournament always has a way of creating interesting match-ups. Tonight we are set to see that progress on SmackDown Live because a couple of noteworthy matches are booked for tonight’s show.

Elias seemed to have confidence that his match against Ali will turn out for the best. His brawler style will mix up nicely against Ali’s faster pace. In the end, Elias is also pretty sure that he will be one step closer to becoming the King Of The Ring.

You know what? I think the style is actually going to really come together well, because I’m a brawler and more of a power guy. He’s a littler guy, high-flyer. I think it’s going to mix up nice. Now we’ve never been in the ring together, we’ve never touched anything like that. Hey, who knows I was going to go down once it’s time. But yeah, I think myself versus Ali is going to… It might surprise a few people.

When asked what his goals are as a WWE Superstar he had a very honest answer. Elias wants to see his name in lights outside of WrestleMania’s venue as he gives a main event performance.


Main event being WrestleMania is the ultimate goal here. If that means winning the Universal Championship, if that means winning the WWE Championship, that’s a part of it. But really staking my claim as the number-one guy in the WWE, in the business as a whole, that everybody can say, WWE is cool and Elias is the guy making it cool.

We will just have to see what is next for Elias, but he’s off to a good enough start. He is a much better heel than he is a babyface, but that can always change.

Pro wrestling fans like what they like and plenty of people seem to be walking with Elias, but there could be a lot more if WWE could give him the room to stretch his creative abilities.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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