AEW is gearing up for their TNT debut on October 2nd and they will be doing everything they can to establish the name of their company and its stars.

A lot of fans were surprised to see a promo for Wardlow at AEW All Out during the Buy In kick-off show. Some fans might not know who Wardlow is, but they soon will enough.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Wardlow’s name has been brought up in Being The Elite before. His name appeared on a blackboard in the back of a scene and Cody Rhodes has name dropped him once as well.

The fact is that AEW needs to sign people they can turn into big stars before WWE sees them and signs them to longer deals.


“He was on their radar so they want some big guys. You know, big muscular guys and they don’t have any so he’s one that they’re bringing in.”

“You’re going to be seeing that there is introducing new talent that has not been on a national basis to go along with people who have been seen. You want a little bit of both.”

“Again, a new guy like that and again when it comes to guys like that you’ve gotta have an eye for the talent and you’ve got to get them first and if you don’t get them first the other guys [WWE] are gonna sign them to five year deals and you’re gonna have missed your shot.”

Wardlow has a lot of potential. The 31 year old Cleveland native has made a name for himself in every promotion he has visited so far. Now he will get a much bigger opportunity with All Elite Wrestling.

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