LAX Possibly Reveals New AEW Team Name

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AEW All Out saw the debut of former Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX. Just don’t call them that on AEW television, because the company doesn’t own that team name.

Following their AEW debut, both Ortiz and Santana made a big change to their social media profiles too.

Now Ortiz and Santana’s Twitter accounts have been changed to @Ortiz_PnP and @Santana_PNP. If you try to search for their old profiles it will look like they deleted them, but they just changed their handles.

PNP apparently means “Proud n Powerful.” Tony Khan made a very good point that LAX didn’t debut for AEW last night, Ortiz and Santana did. Since Impact Wrestling owns the LAX name it appears that they could be known as PNP now.

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