Lacey Evans Reveals Why She Calls People ‘Nasties’

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Lacey Evans is the Lady Of WWE, but she also has a mean streak. A lot of that came from her intense military experience.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, Evans explained where the term “nasties” comes from. She calls everyone from fans to opponents “nasties” which is also something she picked up during her time as a US Marine.

“The term ‘nasty’ came from the Marine Corp. when I was in boot camp. It’s three months long, it’s hell, and you walk in there thinking that you are…whatever you thought you were when you walk into boot camp, you leave the complete opposite.”

“They completely rip you down physically, mentally and emotionally, and they build you up to be a confident United States Marine. Now while you are in boot camp, you are called a nasty. […] In the Marine Corps, you’re always considered a “nasty” because you can always give so much more of yourself.”

Lacey Evans isn’t going away and will likely be featured on WWE television for a long time to come. Since her journey as a WWE Superstar is just beginning, it looks like we should expect to hear her call plenty more people nasties as time goes on. Now we know why she says it and it makes so much more sense.

Thanks to SEScoops for the quote

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