Details On How AEW On TNT Will Differ From WWE

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AEW will present a different kind of pro wrestling show that fans can look forward to. During Starrcast III, fans got a lot of questions answered about what kind of show it will be.

Matt Jackson said that fans should expect to see a badass pro wrestling show. He also said that fans should expect to see storylines play out instead of being dropped after two weeks.

Later on, during his Starrcast III live show, Cody Rhodes was asked by a young fan if AEW will be doing twenty minute promos. “Not a chance in hell” was the reply he received.

It looks like AEW knows what pro wrestling fans want and they are going to do their best to give that to them. It might take a minute to get everything arranged how they want it to appear, but they are definitely laying the groundwork for a solid pro wrestling alternative.

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