Cody Rhodes’ final gimmick in WWE saw him portraying the energetic Stardust persona. Some fans might not have appreciated this gimmick as much, but Rhodes had no problem discussing it.

During his Starrcast III live show, Cody Rhodes told a story about how Stephanie McMahon actually suggested this gimmick to him. Before Cody had a chance to reject it, Vince McMahon’s eyes got wide and there was no convincing VKM that this wasn’t the way to go.

“I don’t mean this in any disparaging way toward the person who came up with it, but they were just trying to help, but it was the worst help I could possibly get at the time. I always thought the dynamic between me and Dustin was that we were different, that’s what I liked about it. We were really different. He’s 8 feet tall and a redneck and just a mess and I’m handsome.”

“We came back through the curtain and the crowd reactions were getting a little less for the brotherhood, we had a really hot run for a minute. The Chief Brand Officer of WWE [Stephanie McMahon] said, ‘Why don’t you paint your face like your brother?’ She was only making a suggestion but ‘someone’s face [lit up.]”

“There was nothing I could do at that point and then I went to creative services and they don’t work with a lot of gimmicks. They hadn’t done one in many years. The last thing they’d done was Seth’s gear.”

“They cam up with all of these designs and I looked like Quicksilver from the comics. I thought, ‘Yeah, it’s gonna be badass.’ Then the options started narrowing down and I was gonna be gold and silver and then it was like Mini-Dust like Diet Goldust.”

Cody Rhodes said that WWE gave him a mask and “thank god she didn’t do a good job on the mask because it looked like I was wearing a condom on my head. I wore it in front of the boss, he agreed that it didn’t look good and then he hit me with what I didn’t want to hear, ‘You should shave your head like your brother’s'”

Rhodes doesn’t hold anything against the Stardust character. If anything, he has commented in the past how much money it made him. It just goes to show that you never know where inspiration will come from, especially if Stephanie McMahon is in the room.

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