WWE Network Already Costing Some Fans More

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The WWE Network has been $9.99 a month for fans who pay for the streaming service since its launch. That has now changed for a small amount of fans.

Some thought has been floated out there of WWE charging more for the Network. Some say a tier system is on the way for the WWE Network, but residents of Maine are already paying a bit more.

The state of Main adopted a new tax on internet sales and streaming services were a part of that increase. Residents of Maine will now have to pay more for goods and services through cyber space, but WWE isn’t paying more at all as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports:

Those in the state of Maine that got their WWE Network will found them being charged $10.53 instead of $9.99, because Maine implemented a sales tax on those type of Internet sales and WWE passed the tax on to the consumers

Taxes can always add an unexpected element to any transaction, especially when there is a change. It appears that Maine is the only state with a tax that changes the WWE Network’s price, but the company might need to put a disclaimer on their advertisements now. They can charge $9.99 a month, but WWE can’t do anything about state taxes.

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