Why WWE Changed Their Minds About Big Summerslam Match

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WWE is running a long storyline with Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan as they try to prove their innocence. Roman Reigns was attacked backstage, and it wasn’t until just recently that we discovered it was Rowan behind the attack.

Bryan Alvarez summarized the entire program during Wrestling Observer Live. He stated that WWE wanted Bryan vs Reigns at Summerslam, but they had a great idea for a longer angle that might or might not have turned out for the best depending on who you ask.

“Whatever [Vince McMahon] changes in the storyline, the whole idea behind the storyline is to lead to Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns. I guess they could do a a big swerve and say, I don’t know — Rusev was the guy, but I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan.”

“We’re probably going to get it at Clash Of Champions, but they could hold off until Hell In A Cell. So that was the idea that they were going to wrestle at Summerslam. They decided they were gonna do this compelling angle to make people more interested in the match. You can let me know whether you agree with that or not, but that was the idea.”

We’ll have to see where WWE goes with this storyline after these two finally get their hands on each other. Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns could be a marquee match with a lot of potential, but at this point WWE might have really got sidetracked with all of the “whodunnit” action.

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