Rey Mysterio On Whether He Would Bet His Mask In A Match

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Rey Mysterio might have the Greatest Mask Of All Time, but he’s lost it before. Twenty years ago he lost his mask in WCW, but would he risk it again?

Super Luchas recently had a chance to speak to Rey Mysterio where they asked him whether he would bet his mask once again.

“Oh I do not know. They are moments that you live at the moment. I can’t make a decision right now, and I believe that a respect has been maintained with the mask since I entered WWE, which was in 2002, and although I lost it and we know that in Mexico when you lose the mask your career continues without her, and so it was with me, right? … I lost her in WCW … but when I entered WWE, because the plans were different, and people accepted me again with the character, and that’s why I’m still Rey Mysterio today masked.”

Rey Mysterio’s mask is famous, but even without it he would still be a great wrestler. It might not be the same and that is definitely true when you’re talking about Mysterio’s image. This is why Mysterio’s mask is so important to him.

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