Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch Would Prefer Their Marriage Stay Out Of WWE Storylines

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Seth Rollins asked Becky Lynch to marry him and she said yes. Now everyone is happy for them including those people working in WWE.

Brad Shepard reports that everyone he’s talked to is very happy about Rollins and Lynch’s engagement. They really are a great couple, but that doesn’t mean they want their marriage to be the spotlight of WWE television.

A source in #WWE, on the engagement of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch: Everyone is really happy about the news. There‘s a strong belief that they’re perfect for each other. Initial talk is of a post-Mania wedding. They would prefer the marriage mostly stay out of WWE storylines.

Becky Lynch previously stated that she felt the way WWE approached her relationship with Seth Rollins was a little off-putting. She went as far to say that people don’t want to see The Man needing a man. This apparently hasn’t changed.

There is a way that WWE can handle their marriage by congratulating them and moving on. Hopefully, they can pull that off and not go over-kill.

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