Jim Ross Picks Three Names He Would Like To See In AEW

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AEW has a roster of talented wrestlers already, but there’s always room for more. Jim Ross knows a thing or two about spotting talent as it was a good part of his job with WWE for a while too.

During a recent episode of Grillin’ JR, the WWE Hall Of Famer opened up and revealed three names that he’s looking at who would be fine additions to AEW.

Jim Ross said that he would like to sign Davey Boy Smith Jr, Jack Swagger, and Lance Archer to AEW. All three of those men could be great additions to the roster, we’ll just have to see if AEW is interested in them and vice versa.

AEW will be growing a lot in the next few months and be adding to their roster in the meantime. Only time will tell if AEW has their eye on any of those three or other people not mentioned by JR.

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