Chris Jericho On What Fans Find Appealing About AEW

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Chris Jericho is very confident about his decision to sign with AEW.

While speaking with Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho broke it down about what makes AEW so special. This is literally wrestling history and people realize that. They are able to be a part of something special right from the start which is especially appealing.

AEW is a very hot commodity right now so that only adds to why people are so into everything The Elite is doing.

“We’re hot right now. We’re the hot company. I experienced this with WCW in 1998. We were selling out stadiums. You can add as many wrestling shows as you want to during the week; whatever you want to do, we don’t care. We’re doing our own little thing, and we’re hot. Anything that’s done as a defensive reaction to us being hot, just makes us hotter and cooler.”

“We’re the most talked about wrestling company in the world. We haven’t even had a show yet. Okay, we’ve had two or three shows. I would say October 2nd is the real launch of AEW. And everybody is talking about it.”

“We have changed the entire business, just by being in existence. When is the last time that’s happened? I can’t remember because I wasn’t born in the ’30s or ’40s. This is the first time ever that people are getting a chance to be apart of a major league company, right out of the gate. I think that appeals to a lot of people that want to be part of this historical moment.”

We’ll have to see how AEW’s momentum continues. They are off to a great start so far. Chris Jericho has been in this position before with WCW, but hopefully, things turn out a lot differently this time around.

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