Rusev Switches Up His Look Yet Again While On WWE Hiatus

Rusev is having a lot of fun away from WWE. He is still under contract, but he seems to be on a hiatus. The Bulgarian Brute is also trying out some new looks.

We previously reported that Rusev had hacked away his beard and was rocking a mustache. Now it looks like his face is 100% bare.

While apparently working out in Sheamus’ gym, Rusev posted a picture of himself hulking up and showing off a new cleanly shaven face.

Don’t tell @wwesheamus I’m naked in his gym !!!!

Of course, Rusev wasn’t really naked, but his face certainly was. It’s a pretty good look for him, but we’ll just have to see how much time passes before his WWE return comes around.

By the time Rusev gets a call to come back, you never know how much his facial hair will have changed at that point.