Jim Ross Not Surprised By WWE Counter Programming AEW

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Jim Ross was in the trenches with WWE during the Monday Night Wars. Now he will be opposing WWE in the Wednesday Night Wars. He knows a thing or two about Vince McMahon’s relentless competitive nature and he’s not shy to share his opinion.

The WWE Hall Of Fame announcer will help provide the soundtrack for AEW’s upcoming TNT show. They will start on October 2nd, but WWE just announced that NXT will begin at the same time slot two weeks prior on the USA Network.

Dave Scherer commented about this event by saying: “I said all along that @AEWrestling would have been better served to not poke the @WWE bear. I said that coming at them head on would lead to a powerful response. AEW got that response today. Their road to significantly monetize their TV show just got a lot harder. A LOT harder.”

Jim Ross read this statement and corrected Scherer’s rhetoric slightly. However, he did not deny at all that the journey will be a hard one.

Not sure personally of the poke the bear line but @wwe move to attempt to block their “non competition” isn’t a surprise.

No one said this journey would be easy.

The pro wrestling world is much different than it was twenty years ago during the Monday Night Wars, and so are viewing habits. Thanks to DVR, fans can now watch things whenever they want without having to hassle with recording anything on a VCR let alone trading tapes with your friend at school who you made a deal with to record Raw while you recorded Nitro for them. Now a lot of fans can watch television off their DVR from their cell phone where ever they are.

It won’t be an easy war because no battle against a billionaire ever is. This will keep getting interesting from here as both shows try to top each other and we thank you for reading all about it right here at Ringside News.

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