WWE Still Has Interest In Daniel Cormier

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WWE has a lot of money and it might just be enough to convince Daniel Cormier to come aboard. We’ll just have to see whether Vince McMahon can write a big enough check.

Daniel Cormier did not defeat Stipe Miocic at UFC 241. Therefore, Cormier seemed like he was considering retirement, but he also made a very wise decision to say that he’s not making that announcement based on emotions.

Of course, WWE would be interested in bringing Daniel Cormier in for whatever they might be able to work out. Although becoming a Superstar might not be something he’s interested in, there’s always a possible jump to the broadcasting side of things as Brad Shepard said.

Shortly after @dc_mma’s statement below, a source in #WWE messaged me to say there’s a lot of interest on their end in bringing him in

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with DC next. He didn’t make a decision out of emotions which is a very wise move. However, once he gets a chance to think about it, coming to WWE for any kind of change of pace might be a welcomed next step for his career.

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