WWE RAW this week included a couple of missed calls from the referees. Elias’ loss to Ricochet featured a big instance of referee oversight, to say the least.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Elias did mess up the finish to his match against Ricochet. He wasn’t supposed to have one shoulder up so he and the referee botched the spot. Because referees are instructed to stop counting if someone gets their shoulder up.

It wasn’t known if the referee was fined, but it was a call from Vince McMahon to keep calling attention to it. The announcer have to call attention to it for their credibility and a slow-motion replay is generally expected as well.

Vince McMahon called attention to it and had them run replays of the spot because that’s what he’s doing now to make things appear more real. However, it was noted, “I can tell you 100% that was not supposed to happen. That was a Vince call.”

So the plan isn’t for anything to continue with Ricochet at Elias, but they certainly botched the finish of that match. Therefore, they might need to allow them to have another match to answer this mistake.

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