Update On Sasha Banks’ WWE Return Status

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Sasha Banks didn’t show up at Summerslam, but WWE’s time in Toronto isn’t over yet.

Brad Shepard reports that Sasha Banks is in Toronto and she brought her ring gear with her. After all, a good pro wrestler always brings their gear with them.

Sasha update: She’s there and she brought her ring gear. I’m still not sure if she’s doing anything tonight or one of the other shows in Toronto this week but I’d presume tonight (which was being written during the show itself) is not likely now.

WWE likes to change their plans and as we previously reported, Vince McMahon was re-writing the script for Summerslam during the actual show. So there could have been a lot of things to hit the cutting room floor for one reason or another.

Let’s just see if any of those ideas that WWE cut and they plan on using later actually turns out to be Sasha Banks’ return.

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