Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan filed for divorce in 2007, but she’s not done dragging his name through the mud.

Linda Hogan recently decided to Google something that The Hulkster used to call her all of the time. When she realized that him calling her “puntang” wasn’t a term of endearment, she quickly jumped online to throw shade at her ex-husband while calling out his infidelity.

Interesting .. my EX used to call me this !! Before internet , I thought he was calling me pudding thing .. And thought it was sweet .. but thanks to the internet , now I know , it’s just a nick name he used for many women . I was one of many my whole married life. #woke

We’ll have to see if Hulk Hogan answers her back. This is certainly a big can of worms that Linda Hogan just opened in front of everyone.


It is also another thing we can thank the internet for ruining because apparently, now Linda Hogan has a better idea that not every pet-name is a cute one.

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