Vince McMahon runs WWE with an iron fist, but he is 73 years old. Therefore, he might only have another 30 years left in him at this rate.

During Triple H’s recent teleconference, he was asked if there are plans in place for when Vince McMahon can no longer run WWE in his current capacity. Most people assume that Vince McMahon will run WWE until his dying day and they are probably correct because there isn’t an ounce of quit in him.

Then again, he’s already a billionaire and he has a football company to run. So Vince McMahon could always surprise us all and quit WWE on some random Tuesday afternoon just after tearing up a script for SmackDown Live.

Triple H replied to this idea saying that there are always plans in place in case anyone can no longer do their job or moves on. He expertly avoided answering the question regarding whether he was the heir-apparent to Vince McMahon’s throne in the Gorilla Position.


“I mean look, there are in any company of this size and with everything we do you have to have succession plans and you have to have next level of where you want to go, you know.”

“There is no heir-apparent first of all because Vince is not stepping away. He’ll probably outlive all of us knowing that his mom’s in her late-90’s and still running around so he’s got the genes. He’ll probably outlive all of us, but there are succession plans for everything.”

“Plans change on the regular because this company changes on the regular in five years it’ll be a totally different place than it was five years ago, so um, I think there’s a lot of factors involved in that the how, where, what happens, but yeah, as you look at who takes what and this and that it’s a constantly evolving thing, but all of us — Vince, myself, Steph — everybody in this company will look at well, if things shift then who takes whose place and who does what?”

“It’s no different for me and NXT and that whole process. So you’re constantly looking people that can step up and take things off your plate so you can advance to somethings different as well.”

It sounds like Vince McMahon is doing well when it comes to his health and Jon Moxley even commented in one of his shoot interviews that many people think he’ll “die in the chair” at the Gorilla Position. So things probably won’t be changing in WWE any time soon.

It’s still good to know that there are always plans for things to shift around just in case the day ever does come for someone to fill Vince McMahon’s massive shoes.

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