Xavier Woods Has Scary Time Finding Hotel After WWE RAW

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Xavier Woods worked hard against the OC on Raw this week, but he didn’t have a very easy time after Raw was over either.

Woods uploaded a video that looked like it came straight from a horror movie. Hopefully, he’s okay, but he didn’t have an easy time finding his hotel at all as he explained.

I think the hotel chase has come to an end. I think that I may have come to terms that this car is now my humble abode. I shall become one with the backseat at this dead end. I may need to sacrifice something to the gods of Mount Olympus to ensure my protection. Goodbye forever

We’re not sure what was crawling across that sign at the end of the shot, but it definitely shook us. Hopefully, he’s okay and doesn’t wind up on some missing person’s list, but we’ve seen horror movies start this same way before.

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