WWE Might Have Accidentally Revealed Roman Reigns’ Attacker

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WWE is in the middle of a big mystery right now as fans are desperately trying to figure out who is attacking Roman Reigns. He seems to be fine after each attack, but WWE revealed something more last night during Raw.

When WWE was replaying the footage from from last week, they included a new angle of last week’s SmackDown attack. You can clearly see a shadowy figure walking off in the corner of the screen that wasn’t seen before.

This shadowy figure looks a lot like Erick Rowan, henchman of Daniel Bryan. Therefore, this gives even more weight to the idea that it was Daniel Bryan behind these attacks on Reigns.

We’re sure that The Big Dog is going to get to the bottom of this tonight on SmackDown Live, but it looks like some eagle-eyed fans have already cracked this case that WWE is apparently still working on.


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