Matt Riddle Takes Out Major League Baseball Mascot During Game

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Matt Riddle is quick to fire off a shot at Goldberg for botching in Saudi Arabia. It turns out that he’s also pretty good at taking out MLB mascots.

Raymond Ray is the lovable mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays, but Matt Riddle only saw something awesome that he could take out with a flying cross body. After all, Raymond was taunting Riddle a bit. So he might have had it coming.

It’s also notable that Riddle left his cleats at home so he took the field like Shoeless Joe Jackson in his customary way to go barefoot. So Riddle took Raymond out and got the three count.

You can check out the clip below and watch Riddle fly right into Raymond. Needless to say, the baseball mascot didn’t stand a chance. However, there’s always next time.

Hopefully, Matt Riddle will be given more of an opportunity to display his athletic ability in the ring in NXT and eventually on the WWE main roster. A baseball diamond seemed to work perfectly this time around though.

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