Jungle Boy On When AEW Decided He Would Partner Up With Luchasaurus

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AEW is set to include plenty of exciting stars for all fans. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are a great tandem that the fans really seem to be gravitating toward. If you add in Marko Stunt then that makes their dynamic even more entertaining.

X-PAC 12360 recently spoke to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy Jack Perry. AEW didn’t plan on partnering the two of them up initially, however, once they heard how well the crowd reacted to the duo, Jungle Boy explained that it just made sense to make the team official.

“I feel that we kinda changed the course of events there because I don’t know if would have been a team or what, but after we had that moment, it was kinda solidified… We had a little discussion about it but there wasn’t concrete anything, but I think when we had that moment and got that reaction, I think they saw that this is good,” 

We will have to wait and see if Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will be able to use their popularity to capture AEW Tag Team Titles by the time their run is over. It stands to reason that they will be competitors seeing how popular they already are.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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