WWE makes a lot of money and they still don’t consider their Superstar employees. Instead, they are independent contractors which works out with the loophole WWE has found. However, they are also contractually obligated to remain exclusively with WWE.

Although WWE Superstars know what they’re getting into when they sign a contract, there is a lot of problems with WWE method. Some think that the company should consider their Superstars as actual employees. John Oliver even did an entire episode on how WWE considers their employees.

Dave Meltzer was asked if the “golden ticket” to getting out of WWE for a Superstar who doesn’t want to remain under contract might be as simple as pulling for a union.

When asked if a Superstar handing out union cards backstage might be grounds for termination, Meltzer replied: “wow… umm that might be a way out. That might be a way out.”


Therefore, if someone wants out of the company so bad and WWE won’t grant a release they might have a way out. Because WWE hates the idea of unions and something like that could change a lot in the company.

If a Superstar simply started talking about forming a union or even handing out unionization paperwork then that could be their “golden ticket” out of WWE.

On the other hand, if WWE doesn’t fire them and a union is actually formed then they will be a part of something great for all WWE Superstars in general.

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