Brandi Rhodes Reveals She Sits Close To Exit During Church For Fear Of Shooters

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Brandi Rhodes usually has a smile on her face, but she is just as worried as so many others about widespread gun violence in America. The 250th mass shooting took place yesterday as well as the 249th and it’s only August.

This morning the 251st shooting took place in Chicago’s West Side near a playground in Douglas Park where 7 were reportedly wounded.

Rhodes revealed that when she goes to church she has a very specific seat she always takes. This isn’t because she likes the view. It is because she needs to be close to an exit just in case someone comes in and starts shooting during the service.

Every Sunday I have a spot I HAVE to sit at in church. I’m insistent on it because it’s my best route to exits Incase someone comes in and opens fire. Ive tried to convince myself to stop doing this. 2 mass shootings in 24 hrs. What a nightmare we are living in.

This is a very sad situation and indeed, it is rather nightmarish. Brandi was brave to reveal this truth about her self and maybe others can relate. Because this isn’t just one person or group of people’s problem anymore.

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