Scott Hall is a WWE Hall Of Famer who remembers what pro wrestling was like before this era of the business. Things are much different now than they were during his glory days, but he was able to recapture a little bit of that during the RAW Reunion.

While speaking to X-Pac 12360, Hall remarked that his favorite part of the RAW Reunion was hanging out in the “Legends’ Lounge.” We can only imagine what kind of colorful conversations they had in that area. Because Hall certainly made it sound like it wouldn’t be appropriate in today’s politically correct version of the pro wrestling business.

“My favorite part of the whole experience was sitting in what they call ‘the legends lounge and just hearing the guys talk and laugh. I feel that the wrestling business today is so politically correct that even when the performers talk to each other they’re real guarded with what they say, and stuff like that. But in the Legend’s Lounge, a bunch of old-timers like us that came up in a different era when you could talk to a guy using colorful language. It didn’t mean you didn’t like them it’s just how guys communicated. It’s really fun to hear.”

“Being around Ric Flair these days – it’s always enjoyable, but these last few days – I am not putting words in his mouth but just my take on it: since he had that major health scare, he looks at life differently now. It’s not like he didn’t enjoy life before but he is completely cool with the point that it might end tomorrow so I am going to enjoy every moment of every day. And when you’re around somebody like that, it’s kinda fun.”


Vince McMahon made a very direct point to mention that WWE won’t be treading back into the Attitude Era. Therefore, the conversations in the Legends’ Lounge are likely to stay in the Legends’ Lounge.

Scott Hall seemed to enjoy himself and after being back in that environment he was also able to remember what it used to be like when people weren’t so touchy about everything that is said. Because if you’ve spent any time around pro wrestlers it’s pretty hard to deny that they have a very unique sense of humor.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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