Adam Brassel has been incarcerated for the past twelve years over a 2006 murder that he claims he didn’t commit. There was no forensic evidence linking him to the crime, but he was still convicted.

Capitol Wrestling is holding an event on August 11th called “Wrestling For Innocence” in Nashville, TN to help raise funds to Brassel’s legal defense. He has spent twelve years behind bars already, but he has over fifty left to go.

Brassel sent out a message to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to thank them after they agreed to work the show. Obviously, this means a lot to him.

“Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, this is Adam Brassel. I just wanna let you know that I’m aware of what y’all are doing,” Brassel said in a phone message. “You know Anthony [Dipippo, founder of Wrestling For Innocence], he’s been through a lot and he put together this Wrestling for Innocence and I’m very grateful for him. I’m extremely grateful for you guys getting involved and I also heard that you guys don’t just wanna get involved, you wanna bring me home.”


“I know this may be the beginning of a great thing and it’s wonderful to have you guys involved and I’m so hopeful that you can bring a lot to this travesty of justice…”

“This is bigger than me and this is all bigger than us. So, I’m just extremely happy and grateful for your support and excited with your platform, you can speak out, educate, get involved and make a difference in not only bringing me home but hopefully many others.”

“Thank you guys so much.”

Hopefully, this charge will be re-evaluated and he can really thank Hall and Nash later on a more personal level once his crime is overturned. If anything, it has to mean a lot to have two WWE Hall Of Famers on your side.

Felix Upton

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