Drake Maverick’s Wife Upset With Him After Checking His Browser History

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Drake Maverick had the WWE 24/7 Title for a moment during the RAW Reunion, but then it all ended in an instant. It’s crazy how quickly dreams can be taken away from someone.

To make matters worse, Renee Michelle, Drake’s wife was in R-Truth’s getaway limo. This has created a very awkward situation for Maverick because apparently, his wife got into his browser history.

UPDATE: Received an angry text from wife. No mention of her whereabouts. I guess she found laptop in bags we packed in limousine & checked my browser history.

It’s been a long month.

Still yet to consummate my marriage

This is not good news at all for the former WWE 24/7 Champion. Not only is he yet to consummate his marriage, but now his wife is upset with him as well.

It might be nice if Drake Maverick at least knew where his wife was in the meantime. We might just have to wait until RAW this week to see if Maverick will be reunited with Renee Michelle once again or whether a week with R-Truth might have convinced her to root for another Superstar.


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