“Stone Cold” Steve Austin knows a thing or two about wrestling because he’s seen just about everyone there is to see. However, there is no topping The Nature Boy in his book.

When TMZ asked him about Ric Flair, The Rattlesnake had nothing but amazing things to say about Naitch. He called him the greatest champ of all time and praised him over Hulk Hogan as well.

“He’s the absolute greatest of all-time to ever lace up a pair of boots, and the greatest world champ of all time.”

“Hulk Hogan was such a huge name in his right with putting wrestling on the map, what he did, and taking it to the heights he did. But Ric is someone I really hold near and dear to me.”


“Many people know Ric better than I do, but we’ve become such good friends and I have such admiration for him. I’ve been down in the dumps too and I’ve had guys reach out to me and its helped me out when I’ve been in a bad time. So any kind of support that i can be there for Ric, I’m glad. I’m proud to be his friend, a close friend. And I wish him nothing but the best.”

“He’s a very special human being. They broke the mold when they made that guy.”

Austin’s friendship with Ric Flair might be something to really put this praise over a little bit, but it’s impossible to deny Ric Flair’s influence. He is a living legend at 70 years old and it will be great to see him Style and Profile once again at the RAW Reunion.

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