Plenty of people have adopted quite a following in the IWC that found them a lot of new fans. Ron Funches’ comedy career was certainly on the upswing anyway, but wrestling fans embraced him as one of their own. This saw him get some prime spots at Starrcast and he has frequented many pro wrestling events as a fan favorite. Apparently, Hurricane Helms is NOT a fan.

Hurricane kind of went off during his Highway To Helms podcast. Because apparently, Ron Funches had some grievances with WWE and Helms didn’t appreciate being the person who Funches decides to vent toward.

I better address the elephant in the room, Ron Funches. No run I’m not calling you an elephant, I know you’re sensitive about your weight. That’s just a cliche, that’s just a saying people say. There is not a real elephant in the room. See I had to explain that for Ron because apparently he struggles with his reading comprehension. Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, there was a little Twitter beef I had this week. Not really beef, idiocy is what would be a better word to describe it.

What had happened was, a tweet was put out about this tag team LAX. LAX is a Latino tag team from Impact Wrestling, I worked with them when I was there for a little bit. Love those guys, super innovative tag team. You know Sugar Shane, the sensation of innovation, if I reckon innovation and innovative stuff is a big key for me in wrestling. These guys are really innovative, big fan of that big fan of them. Love those guys.


All I said was “ain’t no secret I love LAX” easy right? Putting over my friends, that’s what I do, ain’t afraid to put anyone over, ain’t afraid to mark out, easy. Well apparently Ron Funches took that as an opportunity to like express his grievances with WWE my way. Cause apparently he thinks I am his sounding board, his therapy pillow. You couldn’t be more wrong, like I have to deal with that shit from wrestling fans to a degree and I ignore most of it. I really don’t know why.

If this dude had any kind of backbone, if he has a problem with WWE, then address them. Where is your backbone? But, no, he is gonna come at me. Like I said I talk about LAX and I only mention they are a Latino tag team, because here’s why. Cause then he comes at me and goes “well if they just go to WWE you know they will just be riding lawnmowers”. Alright, why the hell you telling me that? Why you coming at Shane Helms with that? He’s referencing a tag team called the Mexi-cools from at least 10 years ago, maybe more. I’m not even sure the last time the Mexi-cools were there. The Mexi-cools was not a great gimmick, but you know, that has nothing to do with me. Anyway, his implication obviously, obviously is that if a Latino person or Latino character goes to WWE, they are going to be treated badly. So I just kinda said “I feel like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero had pretty good careers.” Right? I mean shit. They are two of my all time favorites.

Ron couldn’t take that, he couldn’t take that reply. Number one his joke bombed, because it wasn’t funny. Apparently comedians don’t like it when their shit bombs. Now I’m right and he can’t take it, he can’t back away. Now he is gonna throw out all these other racial characters at me. Cause he’s got his racial sensitivities. He even mentioned, this fool mentioned Kamala. Kamala y’all. I’ve been back with WWE for six months. This jackass gonna bring up Kamala to me. (Laughs) Man, number one, keep this in mind, Kamala was Kamala before he ever went to the WWF. This asshole doesn’t know his history either that’s how dumb he is. Keep in mind he already accused me at this point, of being a company man. He says the only reason I’m disagreeing with him is because I work with WWE. So he is trying to play the company card on me.

Let’s backtrack, this whole thing started because I’m putting over a Latino tag team from another company. But because I am not agreeing with him, he’s gonna play the company card. Dude, there is already holes in your argument right there. There is holes in your argument with the Kamala thing. There’s holes in your agenda by coming at me period. It shows that you are spineless, cause I ain’t got nothing to do with none of that shit. Spineless is what he is. But, wait, it gets better. Cause fans start chiming in, the majority are agreeing with me. Now he is getting even worse. Now he is getting flustered. He is trying to be funny, but guess who is funnier. Oh yeah, I’m killing him, I’m killing em, I’m quicker, I’m wittier, he needs time to come up with material. He needs weeks, months I’m on the fly y’all. I’m like a snap dragon, I don’t even know what that means. But, then, here is the kicker. He says “the only success black character’s in my company” my company now, apparently I own the WWE. “the only successful black characters were either dancing fools or African savages.”

Yeah, let that breath. Let that breathe for a second. The only successful black characters are dancing fools or African savages. What an ignorant dumbass thing to say. About anybody for any reason. Regardless of your agenda, your sensitivities, your insecurities. Just what a jackass thing to say.

These are my friends this fool is talking about. I know them, he don’t, he’s on the other side of the barricade. And so, like I said, because I wasn’t agreeing with him. He wants to play the race card at me! (laughs) Bro, come on now, you gonna have a better time selling gasoline in hell than getting people to believe that shit. Just cause I don’t agree with you that doesn’t mean you get to play that card. Matter of fact that just highlights how not in the know he is. I will tell you why for a couple of reasons.

Number one, playing that company card is calling me a liar. Now he is attacking my personal character, as a human. Plays that race card even more he is attacking my personal character. You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know the battles I fought and who I fought them for. You don’t know shit. All you know is what you see on Twitter. But, he is gonna come at me with that shit. I promise you without a shadow of a doubt there isn’t a person that can give you an inkling of anything racist I’ve done in my entire life and they never will, not gonna happen because I don’t play that shit. I’ll take up for anybody, I will defend anybody. You cool with Shane Helms, I’m cool with you. That goes for any community. But this fool, this punk ass is gonna try to play that card attacking my personal character. Also, one better, he’s in the public eye as well. He is a public entertainer, trying to play the race card publicly like that, he is trying to damage not only my personal character, but also my professional character. Therefore my professional opportunities. Because I work in a very diverse company. A lot of diversity in that locker room. The people in that locker room know me and know without a doubt he is a fool, that I am solid as a rock. They know that. What if there is somebody that don’t really know? What if there is somebody that knows him a little bit better, and they believe this asshole, just because he threw it out there like that. See that’s damaging. That’s asshole.

Now, like a true coward, he did go back and delete all his tweets. But, I saved them shits. Now let’s go one better. He also says that I need to (laughs) this fool threatened me. He says it was to the extent like, I need to watch what I say to him, if he ever sees me in person. Oh my god, this dude thing he Chris Rock but he more like Chub Rock. He is as physically intimidating as if James Ellsworth and Hornswoggle had a kid. That’s this fool. And he gonna try and threaten me, Ron you need to put that in your next set because that might be the funniest thing you’ve ever said. Ain’t a person on this Earth, thinks you intimidating, nobody, nobody. (laughs) This clown shoes. That was the best. He should have stopped there, but like I said, he played that card so I had to address it. Cause I don’t play that shit.

He did it for two reasons. One because he is entitled and two because he thought I would roll over and take it. He is wrong on both accounts. Then he went on his podcast and he does this podcast called “Getting Better” which is supposed to be about personal growth and positivity. So keep in mind he came at me with this negative shit from the giddy up, then got mad when I wouldn’t roll over, then goes on his positive podcast and bashes me again. Ron, you are a hypocrite, you’re ignorant and you’re a fool. Other than that man I hope you live to 100.

Funches has apparently since deleted his controversial tweets.

Not only did Hurricane have a lot to say, but he also called Ron Funches — a professional comedian for having a joke bomb. This was a lot to take in and we can only imagine that Funches won’t be tweeting his opinion about WWE to Hurricane Helms any time soon.

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