Eric Bischoff moved all the way from Wyoming to Stamford so he could be closer to his new job with WWE. He is the new Executive Director of SmackDown Live and while Paul Heyman has the same title on Raw it turns out that both men will have completely different job responsibilities.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about Eric Bischoff’s role with WWE’s SmackDown product. It turns out that his job will actually have nothing to do with creative at this point, at least that is what members of their writing team was apparently told.

“Right now there’s no story [about Bischoff in creative], you know? [He will] interface, help build the brand, you know I guess maybe ideas for the brand, but not necessarily creative ideas for the brand. You know, work with Fox. Things like that.”

“The people in creative have basically been told that he’s not running creative on that brand and he might not eve have anything to do with creative.”


Originally WWE had insinuated that Eric Bischoff would be involved with the blue brand’s creative direction. That doesn’t seem to be the case now. He will apparently be a conduit between WWE and Fox and they will use him for his interfacing strategies instead.

This is very interesting and it makes us have to wonder why WWE ended up making this bold of a move to bring in Eric Bischoff when they aren’t going to let him get his hands on the actual television product.

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