Drake Maverick Celebrates Making History With WWE 24/7 Title

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Drake Maverick is the WWE 24/7 Champion and he’s having a wonderful time with the title even though his wife Renee Michelle might not be having the best experience.

Maverick made history as WWE 24/7 Champion last night and it had nothing to do with finally consummating his marriage. In fact, Drake Maverick was happy to inform fans that he is now officially the longest-reigning WWE 24/7 Champion in history.

As you can see by the clip below, R-Truth almost had Drake Maverick down for the count at a Petersburg house show, but Andrade broke up the pin because he’s just that kind of heel. Although he might not necessarily be on Maverick’s side it was still a very helpful diversion so the former Rockstar Spud could escape with the title.

We will just have to wait and see how long Drake Maverick will be able to keep hold of his title considering how surprising it was that nobody jumped him on his honeymoon in Orlando which is a place full of WWE Superstars.


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